About Me

I am a physical therapist who loves cooking and finding new recipes to share.  I recently discovered I have a gluten intolerance which has presented a new challenge for me, but I have enjoyed finding new alternatives to old favorites. 

I am married to an amazing husband, Alex, who has the mature taste buds of a 12 year old.  I have found he enjoys foods he thinks he will hate, but is afraid of the color, texture, or name.  We do have a few challenges that he will not compromise on, but I have learned to cook around them. 

The only food thus far that I do not like are bell peppers.  I have tried all the different colors and just do not enjoy the flavor.  I like all other peppers (jalapeño, banana, etc.)  I would love to like this colorful vegetable one day so I will keep trying. 

My husband has become quite the helper in the kitchen.  The only arena of cooking that I am not to touch is the grill.  That is man territory in which I am not invited.  I am happy with that and gladly turn that responsibility over to him. 

We have three dogs, Tucker, Martini, and Jackson and a cat Callie.  They add constant entertainment to our home life especially in the kitchen.  You can not leave things too close to the edge of the counter.  Watch you step because one of our four legged friends are always right behind you.

My grammer is far from perfect so please forgive me and try not to judge too much!

Alex is the owner of Sit Means Sit North Metro.  He is an extremely talented dog trainer.  Check him out when you get a chance.