Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Lobster Tails

Happy belated Valentine's day!  Alex has never been a big fan of this day because of all the publicity.  We have always had a tradition, in our 9 years of being together, of eating good food for V-Day.  We used to splurge and go out to eat at a fancy place, but realized we could get way more bang for the buck by cooking something fabulous at home.

This year in my search for something fun and different I found out how to make lobster tails from one of my favorite blogs, Annie's Eats.  She always makes the best stuff.

I was a little nervous because Lobster Tails are not cheap and I didn't want to mess them up, so I put Alex in charge of them:)  He did all the cutting and prying of the meat.  (It really isn't hard, but just a new challenge).

They came out great and tasted delicious.  I served them with a sweet potato for myself and a baked potato for my picky husband who refuses to eat sweet potatoes.  We also made roasted brussel sprouts for the first time.  I didn't hate them, but I wouldn't call them my new favorite veggie either.  Our oven cooks super fast so I think they got a little crispier than they should have.  Maybe I will get brave and try them again.  Only time will tell.

(get ready this is a hard one)

  • Lobster tails (one for each person)
  • Salted butter
  • Fresh lemon juice

*Spend a little extra to get a good quality lobster tail.  We got ours at Whole Foods.  They were still a little frozen so we put them in a bowl of hot water while they were still in their bag for a few minutes to defrost.  

Lay the lobster tails flat on a foil lined baking sheet.  Cut the shell straight down the middle with kitchen shears.  Use your fingers to pull the meat apart from the shell (be careful, the shell can be sharp).  Once the meat is loose pull it out so it can rest on the shell like the picture below.

My Valentine with his handy work.  Notice his finger is still not 100%:(  He did a good job of getting the lobster meat loose even with a gimpy hand.

Turn your oven on broil.  Spread melted butter on each tail.  Broil the lobster tails for 6-9 minutes.  I like it well done so we put it in for the full time.  If you cut into it and it isn't done, just pop it back in.

While it is cooking heat some butter on the stove.  When a layer of butter fat has formed on top skim it off.  Use the remaining drawn butter for dipping your lobster meat.  Once the lobster tail comes out squeeze lemon on top and serve.


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